Domestic Source List:


It took me years to develope this list, alot of trial and error, alot of Lab Test. I came up with the best list possible for you to use that way you can get the EXACT Product that you need/want at the best price possible. Nothing bothers me more in this industry is seeing people getting their personal hard earned money taken away, and getting nothing in return. I see it daily with these scumbags on Facebook/Instagram selling product. I can promise you, if someone is dumb enough to sell these products on Mainstream social media, THEN I PROMISE YOU that its a SCAM!!!! 100%.I put my stamp on these sources! I promise you, you will get product, and you will be happy! If not, message me DIRECTLY and I will fix your issue MYSELF with these Highly Recommended Companies!!!


  • A list of 3 major Domestic Sources that you use to purchase High Quality Lab Tested Gear!
  • You can message these companies via Email, or Telegram, or use their website (if available) 
  • 2 Day Shipping in the United States, International shipping available as well
  • Discount Codes come with Source list. 5-10% year round discounts 
  • Email me: for more questions

Domestic Source List

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